Why are Choppers a must for your business?


1.           More space in your company

Do you sometimes suffer from containers filled with air and straps? Straps are sometimes difficult to bend and take a lot of space in an empty container. Our choppers are designed to reduce straps with a volume of 30/1. In this way you not only gain space in your company, but you can also send full containers with waste out the door. This also means fewer trucks who have to go on the road to transport your waste. This saves you costs in waste processing. In short, only advantages!

2.           Safe working environment

Our Choppers are extremely safe to use. You also create a safe and tidy working environment for your staff.

3.           Ecology

We can't get around it today. Ecology dominates our lives more than ever.

Evolve with your time and invest with our Chopper in a sustainable solution for your waste that is beneficial to the environment.

The chips that come out of the machines are also processed into reusable raw materials. In this way, you once again contribute to an environmentally conscious solution for straps waste in your company.