We continue to be overwhelmed with orders and we are very proud of that.

Financial year 2022 closes with a growth figure of 23% net turnover compared to last year.

Europe breathes and thinks recycling.

We are still the only ones who also think about the many hundreds of tons of plastic waste from strapping. That is why we are now also starting up a system for collecting the abbreviated plastic materials. In this way, SEYNA once again stops a waste stream and nature benefits from it.


We are proud to say that the American manufacturer SWEED MACHINERY  has decided to entrust us with the exclusive right to resell their CE range of linear waste shredders. This exclusive right extends throughout Europe.

We are very indebted for this honor and we send pretty nice orders over  the ocean. Our annual growth rate is currently 12%/year.

SEYNA has invested in establishing a complete network of resellers, making it possible to also provide after-sales service nearby to the customer. Our resellers help us confirm our role as a pioneer in the recycling of lost strips. Thank you to our resellers.


In addition to our many standard choppers delivered this year, we  pick up one very special project, for us to be proud off . Tthis year we have  delivered to customer ALACTEL – LUCENT in France a set of machines to help recovering the undersea - communication cables  .

Everybody who uses the Phone could possibly need to call overseas. Today this communication can use the optical fibre cables  lying at the bottom of the ocean.  The 1st cables used for this undersea-communication were made with a different composition of wires and isolators.

-          Steel core cable with high tensile strength

-          Isolating cover with a layer of high valued copper welded for isolation

-          3 cm diameter layer of isolating polyethylene

-          Another cover of high value copper wrapped around  1 ½ tour.

-          A final cover in black coloured polyethylene  which protects the cable from the harsh environment at the bottom of the ocean .

One can not just leave the old cable at the bottom of the ocean and these valuable elements must be separated for re-use as prime material.

SEYNA has supplied # 02 machines model CE 513 QUAD and equipped with a magnetic clutch to handle and separate the steel cable. Furthermore a series of model CE 450 DUAL DRIVE machines to suit this recovery line 



Our choppers never stop to impress us.

Early this year, we have delievered a plural 10.000-€ project in Spain.

Customer was confronted with the pain of separating valuable aluminium from its steel core,  inside the high voltage transmission cables for powerlines; The cable has diameter +/_ 60 mm in aluminium, wound around 12 mm traction cable in steel. How to get these kilometers long scrap prepared for recycling ?

With SWEED model 5703 XHD, it becomes easy.

It chops the cables at high speed rate into short lengths. With the force this cutting operation inflects on the cable, its components will split and fall out underneath the chopper on a shaking conveyor. This conveyor takes the scrap under a magnetic belt and both components are separated in seconds. .

The machine came to Europe through the harbor of Antwerpen and was trucked to south os Spain. After a 3 days set up mission, the machine was taken into production. By the end of its 1st month some 700 tons of cable were chopped and separated. 



This year our department of recycling plants from SWEED will be our proud.  A worldwide hunger for all kinds of raw materials convinces our customers more and more of the fact that waste shouldn't just be thrown away and therefore they invest in equipment to shorten long scrap bandings .

With shortened metal & plastic bandings, this packaging waste can be reintroduced into the chain of recycling.  Healthy for environment and at the same time financially healthy for our customers.

We have received orders from ARCELOR MITTAL STEEL – LAURAMETAAL – CORUS STAALGROEP.  SWEED manufactured the small Bandit model CE300 for recycling smaller waste streams.



Our recycling department confirms some smaller orders.  One special project concerns delivery of several machines to a Belgian producer of steel tubes.



Our recycling equipment department succeeds in winning the UMICORE COPPER order to deliver equipment for conditioning 25,000 tons of red copper a year.



As of 01.01.2001 SEYNA's department of band saws will be left to the sole care of our former foreman.  BSS will start following its own course. SEYNA is now ready to concentrate FULL TIME on its 3 key activities :

- Export of turnkey projects to sawmills using second hand equipment.
- Import form Switzerland and after sales service of OPTIMATIC equipment for BENELUX countries + sale to all French speaking customers all over the world.

Import from the United States and after sale service of SWEED equipment for linear scrap recycling.



Our Jubilee is celebrated:  our company exists for 10 years now. 
Scoop in Belgium:  the range of choppers for linear scrap from the company SWEED is introduced in Belgium. (www.sweed.com)