5 reasons why you should doubt to purchase a SWEED chopper


  1. 1. I don't want to pay someone to stand next to that chopper for feeding bandings.
    - Okay, so don't do it, but pay that same person for throwing these bandings into the container and pay even more people for cleaning up your company yard.

  2. 2. We have done it like this for years and it does go well.
    - Did you ever think about the amount of space such a container takes up?
      On the very spot where your container is standing, you cannot stack valuable products, and no matter what, it remains an ugly sight on the work floor.

  3. 3. My scrap metal merchant collects it with pleasure and I don't have to care about it.
    - Sure, that man does collect it.  Sometimes they even make you pay for it.  Each kilo means a profit for that man, since he will chop it himself with a SWEED chopper, so that he will be able to sell it at a high price.

  4. 4. We cannot afford it, such a machine
    - In other words, you can pay someone to give away the bandings, or (in case of plastic) you can even pay waste dump costs. You can afford a work shop where bandings are just lying about and you'll take the risks on injuries due to those bandings.

  5. 5. The volume of bandings that we have to process is much too small
    - This is the most common excuse of the clients to whom we have sold a chopper.  The fact is that we found out that most of the people just don't know how much bandings they process or dump each year.  As of 1 ton / year, the chopper will be paid off in 3 years (plastic bandings), and for iron bandings, it is 3 tons / year.


1 real good reason to purchase a chopper
(apart from all the other ones):

For companies having plastic bandings:

Today you are dumping these bandings into the environment, tomorrow you can sell these bandings after they have been shortened. You get money instead of having to pay, but most important is the fact that you stop your crime toward environment.  For example, someone who dumps 6 tons of plastic bandings into the environment each year will receive € 1.800 / year for the shortened PP and PE bandings from SEYNA tomorrow (mind! prices may vary according to market price). We collect these bandings in very large lots and than the whole is regenerated by extrusion to start a second life as car bumper or flower pot, …

For companies having metal bandings:

The person collecting old iron at your company is quickly loaded full when taking along a few bandings since there is a lot of air in between them.After shortening, these bandings take up a volume that is 20 times less and the truck doesn't have to ride without weight.  It can be reloaded and so by definition once again healthy for environment.