Model 300 is our smallest chopper and has a modest cost whic allows it to be used by everybody who has moderate volumes of both steel or plastic banding waste . It is a saving gace for anybody conscious of saftey and who is conscous off the environmental issues.

It keeps your warehouse clean, it helps to avoid forklift tyres  damage , injuries caused by banding cuts will be athing of the past and most off al, you simply win a lot off workspace.

regardless of what the cost is for your suare meters, nobody can afford that to have scrap piling up . 

The model 300 machine is a perfect solution for the pacakging and food & beverage industry . We offer a varity off supporting frames to help you collect the waste material into a bag or a box or a container or whatever suits you best tot return the waste to the recycling industry .  

We prefer to say that model 300 is limited to chopping 4 x 19 mm wide PE straps simultanuoulsy but there are customers using this machine for 32 x 1.2 mm PET straps which they then feed 1 by 1 .

Your company needs this chopper because: It is the ideal unit for a loading dock or lumber yard situation. Piling banding only makes a mess…chop it before you drop it!

And the world needs it because : 1 kg of PET material being recycled = 4.3 kg less off Co2 Material = 40 km driven by car .



Technics about the machine

How does it work ?

Health and safety