The Model 450 DDX Scrap Chopper is Sweed’s bestselling plastic banding chopper. It is an essential unit for facilities generating large amounts of scrap PET banding. The wide infeed on this chopper makes feeding the strap an effortless task for the operator. The additional horsepower and external flywheel provides extra cutting capacity for chopping large handfuls of PET strap at one time. The dual-driven feed rolls on this unit ensure quick and efficient processing of the strapping, even when it is tangled in a nest of straps. It sits on a sturdy Sweed stand that moves from area to area on stout caster wheels. Both the stand and hopper are sold separately.

Scrap choppers are the most cost-effective way to efficiently dispose of plastic and PET strapping. Choppers are the ideal way for companies to meet their waste recycling obligations and reduce their disposal fees while adding re-sale value to their waste product. Additional benefits of a scrap chopper include reclaiming space for production and


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